Top Mobile FAQ

Mobile Poker is available for Android™ devices. The PokerStars TV and Clock Apps are available for Apple® devices. You can download eligible Mobile Poker apps directly from the App Store℠, and for Android devices from here.

Our Mobile Poker app runs on Android™, while the PokerStars TV and Clock Apps work on iOS devices. See below for details.

iOS Devices:

Mobile Poker is not currently available on iOS. Other apps will work on iOS 4.3.x or higher for the following devices:

  • iPhone® 3GS and above
  • iPad® and above
  • iPod touch® 4th Generation and above

To find out what operating system is on your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® please follow these steps:

  • Access the ‘Settings’ button on the Home screen
  • Press ‘General’
  • Go to ‘About’

If you need to update your iOS, connect your device to your PC and update via iTunes®.

Android™ Devices:

Our Mobile Poker app will work on Android™ devices running Android™ 2.3 and above, with a minimum screen resolution of 800x480.

To find out what operating system is on your Android™ device, please follow these steps (or follow the device manufacturer's instructions):

  • Access the ‘Settings’ button on the Home screen
  • Go to ‘About Phone’
  • Select ‘Software Information’

If you need to update your Android™ operating system, check for 'Software Updates' or follow the device manufacturer's instructions.

Yes, not all features available on the desktop version of our software are available on the mobile version. These include:

  • Home Games
  • The ability to change account information such as your mailing address, password, phone numbers and date of birth.
  • Login Security Settings
  • Requests such as Tournament History, Statistics, Play Money Transfers
  • Options such as Preferred Seat, BOOM! Hand Sharing, Always Decline Rematch Requests

Please note that Mobile Poker is constantly evolving. New features are added on an ongoing basis.

We really appreciate the time players put into providing us with feedback and suggestions to improve our products. Please send your feedback about our apps to Support and we will be more than happy to review it.

Top Tournaments FAQ

On desktop, select the ‘Tournaments’ tab from the main lobby and click on a tournament to see information about said tournament in the information box to the right. Under the ‘State’ column, look for a tournament which has a state of ‘Registering’. Double-click on a tournament in ‘Registering’ state or click on the ‘Tourney Lobby’ button and this opens the Tournament Lobby. Then click the ‘Register’ button, and log-in if you have not already done so. On mobile, look under the ‘Tourney’ tab, choose your search criteria and select ‘Show Games’. You may then register to a tournament by tapping on your chosen tournament, then on the ‘Register’ button.

Satellites are smaller tournaments in which the prize is entry into a larger tournament. You can find satellites in the main lobby of the desktop client, under the ‘Tournaments’ and ‘Sit & Go’ tabs, by selecting ‘Satellite’ from the ‘Variant’ filter.

Players and ‘railbirds’ (people observing a table) are expected to use the chat feature in a courteous manner. Players, whether in the hand or not, may not discuss the hands until the action is complete and are obligated to protect the other players in the tournament at all times. Discussing cards you have discarded or hand possibilities is not allowed. A penalty may be given for discussion of hands during the play.

While each user is responsible for his or her own Internet connection, we make an effort to protect players who are disconnected during the final stages of a tournament (with a buy-in), by allowing you time to reconnect, known as disconnect extra time (DET).